About Us – Black Seed Oil and Natural Medicines

Our Heritage and three things that separate us from others

Our Heritage

We have been Black Seed Oil and Natural Medicine specialists since 1991. Mercy Oil is a family business that started over a quarter of a century ago. We harvest and grow Turkish Black Seed Oil, Wild Oregano, Wild Rosemary, Nettle, Milk thistle, Juniper, Black Grape, Hawthorn, Parsley, Mallow, Olive Leaf and Pine Oil.

We have been cultivating and preparing a select range of highly medicinal plants which we cold press or steam distill using natural and traditional methods.


Three things that separate us from others


1 – We farm and produce all our own medicinal plants

We are not another retailer. We are keepers of a traditional knowledge that is more and more accepted in the modern world due to scientific studies and research.

Coming from a Black Sea family who have worked the land for thousands of years, we have always had our roots in agriculture and natural living. We continue to farm all of our plants in Turkey and we draw on our vast experience to offer you the very best natural medicine.

We plant, grow, harvest, produce, bottle, label and cap every single bottle by hand, this way none of the goodness is lost by any automated, filtration or chemical processes.


2 – Proven track record

Our plants have a proven track record spanning thousands of years and have been passed down from generation to generation.

Over 25 years we have treated thousands of clients and customers, ranging from minor ailments to chronic conditions through to life threatening conditions. Our clients come to see us from all over the globe ranging from Tokyo to Dubai to Johannesburg to New York. With testimonials to verify.

Today we have organisations using our treatments and often receive referrals from doctors and medical professionals.

We are proud of our reputation for excellence and integrity in the natural medicine world. Our products have been chemically analysed by a UK based Cambridge laboratory verifying the validity of their use.


3 – Free consultation

Since the very beginning we have always used a holistic approach therefore we consider a person’s emotional, physical, nutritional and lifestyle conditions. The heart of what we do is helping people to find balance, peace and good health. Therefore we always provide free consultations for everyone in order to help them in the best possible way we can.

You can meet with us face to face, enjoy a cup of herbal tea, sample natural medicines and discuss any concerns about your health.


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Peace and Blessings from all at Mercy Oil.