Candida (Thrush) Treatment

A Natural Remedy for Candida (Thrush) Treatment

Candida or Thrush is a yeast infection, commonly caused by a type of yeast called Candida Albicans. With our clients we tend to find our patients have an overgrowth around the mouth and genitals, particularly in the vagina and anus.

Genital thrush is most frequent candida infection our clients have so it is no surprise that 75 per cent of women have at least one genital thrush infection in their lifetime. According to the research and medical books persistent thrush or recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis is defined as a minimum of four episodes of symptomatic thrush within the last year. It can be a frustrating condition for patients, with significant morbidity and impact on psychological well-being.

Most of our patients have been women, however in the last decade we have treated more and more men with symptomatic yeast infections or recurrent genital candidiasis.

Symptoms include;

  • Vulva itching,
  • Burning
  • Change in discharge,
  • Pain on penetration
  • Soreness of the vagina during sex
  • Burning during urination
  • Redness,
  • Swelling,
  • Fissuring


Whilst the treatment protocol below is a general overview. We always recommend booking a consultation face to face or if this is not possible then a consultation over the phone.

Diet for Candidia/ Thrush Infection;

  • Increase intake of green leafy vegetables
  • Fruits with high vitamin C
  • Organic food
  • Plenty of water.
  • Avoid oily and fatty foods, white rice, bread, pasta, sugar, sweets, chocolates and shop bought (long life) cakes – These are extremely unhealthy to Candidia patients as they nourishes the yeast micro-organism and hence inhibits treatment.

Patient suffering from yeast infection should not use deodorants or strong perfumes, as this will worsen the infection and will become much painful. Wear comfortable clothes, avoid acrylic undergarments. Cotton clothes and cotton undergarments are the best choice. Another important thing apart from wearing Cotton clothes is wear properly washed, dry clothes.

It is a very wrong practice of wearing a wet towel for long time. Dry your body properly, and wear clean and dry clothes. Also avoid too much of cosmetics and fragranced ointments, cream, etc., especially, near the genitals or other sensitive areas.

We highly recommend everyone to read the Lifestyle, Nutrition and Wellbeing advice, this is crucial for the healing process to be effective.According to traditional knowledge for natural remedies we recommend a treatment for the duration of 40 days (6 weeks). Please see table below as a guide for Candida (Thrush) we developed from customer feedback over the last 25 years.


tb/s =  Tablespoon is 15ml

t/s   =  Teaspoon is 5ml

Mercy oil (Black Seed)

  • 2x day

  • 1 t/s

    • In a cup of hot water or herbal/green tea

    • Before sleeping

    • Before breakfast

    Ocean aqua (Wild Oregano)

    • 1 tb/s or a capful

    • Cup of water (room temperature)

    • In morning: add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

    • 3 times a day
      After each meal

    6 Week Treatment Package for Candida (Thrush) Treatment

    • 1 x 500ml Mercy Black Seed Oil
    • 3 x 500ml Ocean Aqua


    Buy 6 Week Course £75