30 years of ethical vegan organic natural plant extracts


Ethical and Pure

Mercy Oil is a London based company that crafts organic, Vegan handmade seed oils and natural remedies

I'm all about organic and natural healing. I produce 100% pure and original plant extracts

 I handcraft my products from bespoke seasonal harvests grown in Turkey.

I believe in the integrity and honesty of pure, natural oils and distills and I don't use any chemicals or any artificial ingredients in my processes

Each year I create small bespoke batches of plant extracts with the focus on quality rather than quantity. 

For this reason Mercy Oil products are exclusive and are only available here.

From time to time I do sell out of a line until the following season

I wish you the very best of intentions and the very best of health

Mehmet Akyildiz

artisan @ Mercy Oil


Are Mercy Oil products vegan & organic ?

 YES. For nearly 3 decades we have produced pure, vegan organic plant extracts. All of my products are crafted from seeds or plants grown by a collective of fully certified organic farmers in Turkey.  

Mercy Oil was the first and is the oldest UK company to produce organic Black Seed oil.


Are my seed oils cold pressed ?

 Yes. During the process of pressing my organic oils heat is naturally created. In order to reduce this potentially damaging heat I use a much slower, traditional cold press method. All my seed oils are raw and unfiltered.


Are Mercy Oil products proven natural medicines?

Yes, they are. 

These pure organic plant extracts have thousands of research papers cataloging their pharmacognosy and pharmacology. How they work and how you heal as a result of using them. 

A simple Google search often yields hours of peer reviewed extracts that you can read or easier forms of Scientific research can be found across many websites.

Mercy Oils products are classical natural medicines that have been used for thousands of years World wide and have helped millions restore and repair their physical and mental health


Are Mercy Oils & Distills 100% Pure ?

 Yes. Everything I do is based around one single core value and that is it must be organic. This means it has to be pure. I do not use any solvents or chemicals in my creative processes. Everything is totally clean, pure and natural.

Each product in my store is 100% pure and only contains what is on the label.

Mercy Organic Black Seed Oil on Black seeds

Purity & Biodiversity

I present to you a bespoke range of Organic, powerful plant extracts to help you improve your health and well being. 

Each one is a highly effective natural medicine in it's own right.

All of my Plant extracts are 100% Organic, fresh, natural, pure, non GMO, non-Dairy, Gluten Free, bio-diverse and are suitable for both Vegans and Vegetarians. 

Mercy Oil products are crafted from premium grade plants. This means they are nutritionally rich and medicinal grade extracts. They do not contain any chemicals, additives, herbicides, pesticides, colourants or any other unnatural substances whatsoever. I simply wouldn't allow it.

And so the same ethical philosophy is also present in the cooperative of organic farmers who so diligently and professionally seed, grow and harvest my crops and maintain the quality of the soil. In this way we seek to keep the biodiversity of the land, the plants and all living things.

I don't use any man-made hybrid seeds or any new strains developed from any engineered stock. Everything I do is simple and natural and has been done this way for centuries if not millennia.

 I use wild and indigenous organic crops to make my extracts. In this way it also helps to protect bio-diversity and the local ecological systems.

Map of Turkey


It was long believed that Nigella Sativa, Black Seed, originated in West Asia and India. However, modern research shows us that the earliest known use of Black Seeds was in the Black Sea region of modern day Turkey. Home of many unique natural remedies. On the Black Sea coast alone there are thousands of plants that cannot be found anywhere else on the Planet.

Archaeological evidence offers us that Nigella Sativa seeds were discovered in a settlement there dating back 24,000 years. This is the earliest known recording of Black Seeds.

It is perhaps no surprise then that it is in Turkey that some of the most potent Black seeds, most useful for natural healing and restoring good health, are still to be found.

Across Turkey there are many strains of Black Seeds. Many are culinary and used in Baking and cooking. Some are medicinal and yet an even smaller, much more rare group are highly medicinal. It is these seeds that I seek out to make my organic Black seed oil.

30 years experience in crafting plant extracts


Pure extraction

Everyone has their own way of extraction and at Mercy Oil I have mine.

All of my oils are organic, pure and natural. All my seed oils are virgin, slow cold press. I do not use centrifugal extraction nor solvents nor are any of my oils exposed to light or oxygen or temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius during the extraction process..

This almost guarantees that the oils keep their rich nutritional and medicinal properties and also helps to prolong their life.

With my steam distillations I only use fresh seasonal plants. All my steam distills are solvent free, pure, organic extractions and are ever only crafted from a singular harvest. I use the fruit, leaf, berry & flower. and I create these with exactly the same ethics as my oils. 

For me, this is the heart of the company. To capture the raw healing power of nature in a bottle and present it to you.

nigella sativa  black seed

Hand bottled & fresh

Mercy Oils high standards demand that you receive only fresh, organic natural extracts. Nothing else is good enough.

My quality of plant oils and distills are among the finest and the freshest anywhere in the world.

In order to preserve this I prepare, cap and label every single bottle by hand, I do not use any automated machinery.

I used Amber glass bottles and the correct closures to ensure freshness, purity and longevity.

 I take huge care to ensure the quality of each product I create and equally I care that your health benefits the most from these wonderful medicinal extracts.

I believe the same positive energy, good intentions and the high standards of production I imbue into my products is visible in the wonderful results that has be obtained from their use over the last three decades.

So over each bottle a prayer is said asking for the recipient to receive the maximum healing power of each plant.

we are but stewards of the earth

natural growth, life and hope


In helping people I consider various aspects of a persons life in dealing with your health conditions. Diet, sleep, behaviours and emotions all come together like a mosaic to make up your own unique holistic profile. .

In farming it is the same. Most important for me is the quality of the soil where my crops are farmed. They are only grown in specific regions of Turkey were the soil is very rich in essential components and this makes a massive difference to the health benefits of the plant. Some grow naturally wild though most have been traditionally farmed in these areas for thousands of years. The levels of rainfall, humidity, heat and the amount of Sun light all play a crucial role in optimal growth and consequently the effectiveness of each product.

As my plants have grown in their original habitat they are at their optimum and purest and therefore are of a rare premium grade. I am very careful to  respect the local environment and I hold firm beliefs that we must act as stewards of the land and not impact negatively on it at all. Unlike many other companies who mass produce huge quantities of product I only produce very small seasonal select organic harvests. 

In this way I feel I can keep better control and maintain high quality and together we all benefit. You, me, the Farmers, the plant life, wild life and the Planet

you are your own best physician

Organic plant extracts for sale. Natural medicine

Easy to use & Free advice

Mercy Oils are artisan hand made vegan, organic natural remedies that have been crafted with great care and skill. They are easy to use natural medicines 

There are no preparations to make or no plant materials to boil. I've done it all for you. 

 They can be taken orally as part of your usual diet, applied topically to your hair and skin or in a diffuser in an aroma-therapeutic way.

These natural plant extracts can be used in smoothies, herbal teas, salad dressings, cooking, massage and any other way you can think of.

They really are so versatile, so easy to use and the options are endless.

All you have to do is drink your way to health and happiness !

 To help you on your path to recovery I provide a totally free advice, care and support service so you never have to feel alone or unsure.

natural clean

One Community

Although I am a simple man running a humble small business I have been able to help thousands of clients with their health problems ranging from Cancers to colds. I have helped on an International level with an eclectic mix of people from Africa to the Americas and from Europe to Asia. I remain driven to provide natural, pure, ecologically sound and affordable natural medicines to everyone, everywhere. For in our many countries and continents

I believe we are one community. 

The Original reviver & pioneer of Black Seed Oil

Haji Sevket, The founder of of Mercy Organic Black Seed Oil

Meet the Founder

Haji Sevket was a Reviver and pioneer of Organic natural remedies. He introduced into the Western world a plethora of long forgotten pure plant medicines which have gone on to help thousands of people heal and improve their health which has in turn helped them to rebuild their lives. He was a humble and diligent man who never turned anybody away from his door. He saw that people were suffering and really wanted to do something about that.

Haji Sevket started Mercy Oil 30 years ago and started farming his first crop in Turkey and brought his unique Black Seed Oil into the UK and then the rest of the World. Because of his insistence on quality and purity he quickly grew a new audience of Black Seed Oil lovers. He also inspired the new wave of Black Seed Oil companies you see today and went on to set up many of our industry's standards.

His desire was for people to find real health and happiness through natural healing and free from what he used to call ' plastic foods and drugs '. He believed very strongly that there was a remedy for every illness in Nature and that our job was simply to find it. He inspired many, many people to take responsibility for their health through the use of natural medicines and simple lifestyle changes. He was a much loved and highly respected member of the community.


He was the first to..

  • Produce Organic Black Seed Oils as natural remedies
  • To use single ( virgin ) press oil
  • To use original indigenous seeds to help protect biodiversity and the natural ecology
  • To identify high Medicinal grade Nigella Sativa seed
  • To pre-Roast his seeds before pressing
  • To Produce unfiltered and 100% pure extracted oil
  • To Cold press his oils to preserve their medicinal compounds
  • To present different strengths of Black Seed Oils
  • To identify the importance of volatile oil content in his products
  • To focus on the level of Thymoquinone(TQ) present in his oil
  • To offer a Black Seed with a content of volatile oil including TQ above 5% 
  • To have his oils chemically analysed and his results published. 
  • To introduce the use of amber glass bottles to help protect the oil and to replace the commonly used plastic bottles.
  • To introduce the now standard 100ml bottle and to replace the 60ml bottles used in the market place
  • To offer totally free consultations for everyone to improve their health

Mercy Oil Studio, Asparagus plant, Japanese puzzle box and a Turkish flute mouth piece


In honour and out of respect to my late father, Haji Sevket, I continue the work he so vigorously established 30 years ago. My intention is to maintain and develop further the wonderful possibilities of pure plant power and natural healing and to continue to bring to the wider public affordable and highly beneficial natural medicines.

So may God bless you and may we all have the very best of Health


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