Hypertension Treatment

A Natural Remedy for Hypertension Treatment

We have been treating clients using our hypertension treatment for over 25 years and have seen a sharp increase in the number of new clients with this condition, with more and more new clients being young.

Hypertension is different from high blood pressure. For a hypertension diagnoses the patient should have at least two separate blood pressure readings above 140/90 mmHg over a period of time. Whilst high blood pressure refers to a reading above 130/80 mmHg and not measured a specific time period.

Hypertension is common condition our clients suffer from and experts are predicting the number of sufferers to considerable increase in the next decade or so. Whilst there is a genetic link and indeed certain ethnic groups are at higher risk it is still not clear what the single biggest cause for hypertension is. However it is well known and researched that lifestyle factors are responsible for the fast majority of cases. Lifestyle factors such as a rise in the consumption of salt-rich, fatty, processed foods, smoking, lack of exercise and alcohol to blame.

Over time hypertension increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke. However it can also cause kidney disease, heart disease and is closely linked to some forms of dementia.

The biggest danger with hypertension is that it rarely has any symptoms, this means it is possible to go diagnosed until it causes a dangerous health problem e.g. a stroke.

Whilst the treatment protocol below is a general overview, we always recommend booking a consultation face to face or if this is not possible then a consultation over the phone is also available.

Diet advice helpful for hypertension;

  • Honey is one of the most common home remedies for the treatment of a variety of different health problems. Take a couple of teaspoons of honey with your herbal tea and Mercy Black Seed Oil dosage.
  • Gooseberries have a positive effect in the treatment of hypertension. Take 1-2 tablespoon of Gooseberries juice on empty stomach early in the morning.
  • Take raw onion (a small one daily) finely sliced into a salad. Take this mixture for the treatment of hypertension.
  • Lemon extract also is effective for the treatment of hypertension. Freshly prepared lemon juice too has a great effect and can be added to your herbal tea for use with your Mercy Black Seed Oil.
  • Garlic (2-3) cloves of garlic are a good remedy for the treatment of hypertension. It also regulates the heart beat, helps in the proper functioning of the lungs and other parts of the body. It makes the body active and reduces body pain.
  • Various fruits like grapes, water melon, and papaya play an important role in the treatment. They regulate blood pressure and help the heart to function normally. The seeds of water melon can also be dried and finely powdered. This powder can be taken 1-2 tablespoon in a glass of water. All of
    the above fruits can be taken on an empty stomach in the early morning as part of your breakfast. This will clear the bowel movement, prevents constipation, and contribute further to reducing high blood pressure.
  • Vegetables like carrot and spinach too will help in reducing hypertension. Both these vegetables and other green leafy vegetables are very helpful. Eat them raw or steamed.
  • Boiled rice and potato: It is said that patient suffering from hypertension should take boiled rice, especially brown instead of white rice, in their diet. It regulates and soothes the nerves and thus help in lowering hypertension. Brown rice is also rich in minerals like calcium, etc. Similarly, boiled potato is also good.
  • Avoid or lower salt where possible.
  • Completely avoid junk foods and do exercise and meditation regularly.

There is no substitute for having at least 6-7 hours sleep daily. Other things essential to lowering high blood pressure are quitting alcohol and smoking.

According to traditional knowledge for natural remedies we recommend a treatment for the duration of 40 days (6 weeks). Please see the table below as a guide for hypertension that we have developed from customer feedback over the last 25 years.



  • tb/s =  Tablespoon is 15ml
  • t/s   =  Teaspoon is 5ml
Mercy Black Seed Oil

  • 2x day

  • 1 t/s

    • In a cup of hot water or herbal/green tea

    • Before sleeping

    • Before breakfast

    Mercy Cardio Aqua

    • 3x day

    • 3 tb/s or 3 capful

    • Drink Alone

    • before meal

    Mercy Liver Plus Oil
    (Milk Thistle)

    • 1 t/s

      • Drink Alone

      • In the morning up to 1 hour before breakfast on an empty stomach

      Mercy Mercy Nettle Oil

      • 1 t/s

      • Drink alone

      • In the morning up to 1 hour before breakfast on an empty stomach

      6 Week Treatment Package for Hypertension Treatment

      • 1 x 500 ml Mercy Black Seed Oil
      • 2 x 100ml Mercy Liver Plus Oil
      • 2 x 100ml Mercy Nettle Oil
      • 4 x 500ml Mercy Cardio Aqua

      Buy 6 Week Course £165