Improve Memory and Perception Treatment

A Natural Approach to Improve Memory and Perception

Our Improve Memory and Perception Treatment has benefited many of our clients over the years.

Today memory loss linked to conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s however we have treated many clients who do not have these neurological conditions and clients who do (Please see our Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s treatment protocol). There are many reasons for memory loss below are some of the factors or reasons for memory loss in healthy people;

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety and stress
  3. Lack of Sleep and rest
  4. Medication
  5. Vitamin and mineral deficiency (specifically B1 and B12)
  6. Alcohol and drug misuse
  7. Thyroid problems
  8. Head injury
  9. Anaesthesia
  10. Neurological diseases

Whilst the treatment protocol below is a general overview. Due to the multitude of factors we strongly recommend booking a consultation face to face or if this is not possible then a consultation over the phone so we can make a unique protocol specific to your condition and health.

We highly recommend everyone to read the Lifestyle, Nutrition and Wellbeing advice, this is crucial for the healing process to be effective.According to traditional knowledge for natural remedies we recommend a treatment for the duration of 40 days (6 weeks). Please see table below as a guide to Improve Memory & Perception Treatment we developed from customer feedback over the last 25 years.



  • tb/s =  Tablespoon is 15ml
  • t/s   =  Teaspoon is 5ml
Mercy Black Seed Oil (Black Seed)

  • 0.5 x t/s

  • In a cup of herbal tea or warm water

  • First thing in the morning on an empty stomach

  • Before sleeping in the evening
Mercy Neurological Oil (Black Grape Seed)

  • 0.5 x t/s

  • On its own

  • First thing in the morning on an empty stomach

  • Before sleeping in the evening

6 Week Treatment Package to Improve Memory and Perception

  • 1 x 100ml Mercy Black Seed Oil
  • 1 x 100ml Mercy Neurological Seed Oil

Buy 6 Week Course £20