Lifestyle and Wellbeing Advice

Helping you to get the most out of your treatments

We have been Black Seed Oil and Natural Medicine specialists since 1991 and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Allowing us to provide you with a tailor made package offering more specific advice and medicines not shown online.

The following is a general overview but we would always recommend you either visit us for a consultation or if this is not possible then over the phone.

We are based in Seven Sisters (Zone 3) part of the London Borough of Haringey,  which makes us easy access for those coming from central London and outside London so feel free to schedule an appointment with us.

The correct and most effective way of helping you is to allow yourself to explore the information below as a guide. We are here to offer support and help to whomever feels they would like it. All of the sessions are free and each and every consultation is in the utmost confidence.


A person’s health can be viewed through different lenses. We call this a holistic approach and includes the following;

  • Personal circumstances (current and historic)
  • Psychological / Spiritual / Emotional balance
  • Nutrition / Eating habits
  • Rest / Sleeping patterns
  • Work / Exercise daily routines
  • Genetic / Congenital / Hereditary information
  • Family (immediate and extended)
  • Mental health (including stress levels, happiness, depression etc)


Nutrition / Eating Habits

Many people today are unaware of how important good organic/natural food and drink plays in maintaining a healthy mind and body. We always recommend the following;

  • Avoid all processed foods, microwave meals, Meats, margarine and spreads, processed sugars, fizzy drinks, table salt, pasteurized or UHT milk, tap water, deep fried foods, take away meals and Genetically modified foods.
  • Avoid Large heavy meals or meals late in the night.
  • Eat organic, natural foods. Eat plenty pulses such as lentils, split peas, beans and nuts, fresh fruits and plenty vegetables.
  • Fresh or frozen fish, butter, honey, dates, figs, olives, mineral water, sea salt, organic milk, raw,steamed, boiled, grilled or roasted meals, home cooked meals,
  • Aim to eat smaller and lighter meals no later than sunset.


Rest / Sleeping patterns

Rest is a vital factor in recovery. Medical research shows that for an adult 4-6 hours of deep sleep at the right time of day is adequate to maintain good health, Not 8 hours.

Sleeping more than 8 hours makes the body tired.

The very best time to be asleep is between 11pm and 3am. Every hour we sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours to our body.

An afternoon power nap is also very beneficial but not in the period between late afternoon and sunset.


Work / Exercise daily routines

The relationship between our physical bodies and physical work is a telling one. Active and busy people tend to be healthier whereas slower and more docile people tend to accumulate physical ailments often simply through lack of daily gentle exercise. This can be as simple as walking for 30 mins each morning.

Genetic / Congenital / Hereditary 

Some conditions occur simply because of our genetic make up. It is important to know what these are, as it helps our way forward in planning for better health.


Family (immediate and extended)

Family can be crucial to your recovery and treatment. Understanding your role and responsibilities with the roles of others around you, allows us to measure if you are doing enough or as is often the case, if you are doing too much.


Mental Health (including stress levels, happiness, depression etc)

As obvious as it sounds a person should make an intention to get well. It is important to see and understand yourself and your lifestyle. Listen to your body.

If the definition of behavior is “meeting a need” then you must understand yourself and how you tick as an individual. When patients get this right they tend to be happy.

Being happy and upbeat is crucial for recovery. Many studies over the years have shown the impact of the mind on recovery time of patients suffering from a variety of diseases.