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Liver Cancer

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Power & Vitality


Fatty liver

Liver disease

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Black Seed

Milk Thistle seed

Milk Thistle seed

 Cold pressed, Organic Nigella Sativa 

seed oil


How to use :

Think of this oil as The Mother of All Healing. This Oil is going to work on all aspects of your bodily systems and organs.

Stir one teaspoon into a small glass of hot water and honey or a green tea and drink in the morning around 15-30 minutes before you have your breakfast. 

Repeat this in the evening. Drink one teaspoon in a small glass about half an hour before you have your Dinner.


Milk Thistle seed

Milk Thistle seed

Milk Thistle seed

 Cold pressed Silybum Marianum

Seed Oil


How to use :

Think of this oil as a preparation you are going to give your system every day. The best time to take this oil is very early in the morning before you have had anything to eat or drink. Try to take it neat and straight from the bottle. Sunrise is a perfect time to take it. One tablespoon, once a day.

Allow yourself one hour before eating or drinking anything after taking your Nettle oil.


Wild Nettle

Milk Thistle seed

Wild Nettle

 Cold pressed Wild Urtica Diocia 

 Seed Oil


How to use :

Think of this oil as a preparation you are going to give your system every day. The best time to take this oil is very early in the morning before you have had anything to eat or drink. Try to take it neat and straight from the bottle. Sunrise is a perfect time to take it. One teaspoon, once a day.

Allow yourself one hour before eating or drinking anything after taking your Nettle oil.




  • Emotions play an important role in our health. Never underestimate the power of your Self over your body.
  • Make a fresh intention every morning to be mindful of your health especially your Liver
  • It might sound strange at first but talk to your body. Remember your body is your servant and it shouldn't be the other way around.
  • Traditional knowledge suggests that Anger resides in the Liver & Gall Bladder. When we are angry a lot and feel frustrated a lot then this can seriously impact on our organs health and the way in which we live our lives and can also impact the performance of our organs.
  • Education is key. Learn a bit more about both your inner body and your inner self. It won't take long for you to start seeing the connection between the two and the required balance for your well being. 



  • Meditate for at least 10 mins a day. At least.
  • If you don't know how then take a class, watch a YouTube video or read a self help book. There are so many options these days. but do something.
  • Try to find the right speed for your life. Whilst some of us clearly need to pick up the pace most of us are running too fast for too long. Be careful that you don't burn yourself out.
  • Be fully present in the moment or simply being consciously awake is all important. An awake person is happy person.
  • Be happy. Don't kid yourself. Happiness was always a choice.
  • Try to eat well. Home cooked food is best. Remember, the emotion of the cook goes into the food and that is what we eat. Why did Mum's food taste so good ( even when it didn't) because she loves us. Understand? What happens then if you eat the food from an angry or unbalanced person? Be careful with food.
  • Food for thought


Good things to eat for your Liver

  • coffee
  • oatmeal
  • green tea
  • garlic 
  • green tea
  • blueberries
  • cranberries,
  • raspberries 
  • grapes 
  • avocado
  • banana
  • barley
  • beets and beet juice
  • broccoli
  • onions
  • brown rice
  • carrots
  • fig
  • greens such as kale and collards
  • lemon
  • papaya
  • watermelon
  • nuts
  • olive oil
  • sardines
  • mackerel
  • salmon


Foods to avoid

In general, finding balance in the diet will keep the liver healthy. However, there are also some foods and food groups that the liver finds harder to process. These include:

  • Fatty foods: These include fried foods, fast food, and takeout from many restaurants. Packaged snacks, chips, and nuts may also be surprisingly high in fats.
  • Starchy foods: These include breads, pasta, and cakes or baked goods.
  • Sugar: Cutting back on sugar and sugary foods such as cereals, baked goods, and sweets will help reduce the stress on your liver.
  • Salt: Simple ways to reduce salt intake include eating out less, avoiding canned meats or vegetables, and reducing or avoiding salted processed sliced meats. Remember if it isn't rock or Sea salt then it's just a chemical salt so bin it.
  • Alcohol: Anyone looking to give their liver a break should consider reducing their intake of alcohol or eliminating it from the diet completely.



keep it natural & simple

  • Eat well, but less. Twice a day is actually enough for an adult.
  • Sleep well, but moderately. Be asleep between 11pm and 3am daily for maximum healing.
  • Remember you heal when you sleep.
  • Relax and keep focused on the task at hand.
  • Allow yourself to unwind when you take a break and avoid stress by avoiding everything that causes you to stress.
  • Use your legs. walking is one of the best exercises you can do
  • Eat only organic and nutrition rich foods.
  • If you cannot pronounce the name of the ingredients on the packet you cannot eat it. Remember this : if the word doesn't fall from your tongue then the product doesn't land on your tongue
  • Avoid Meat & animal products, unless essential and Organic
  • If you eat meat only eat organic. If you make a fist, that is the size of meat you need for one week. Do not eat meat daily. This is an extreme behaviour and you are trying to find balance.
  • Eat fresh fish, especially the oily fatty fish
  • Eat plenty fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Get rid of all processed foods, microwave meals, frozen easy meals and foods that contain preservatives and especially refined processed sugars.
  • Stop using chemical and refined sugars completely
  • Stop eating out and develop a love of home cooked food. If you don't know how, it's time to learn.
  • Never fill your stomach completely. Aim for one-third to half full. Avoid that bloated full-up feeling.
  • Drink mineral water, real coffee or organic herbal teas. Nothing else. No fizzy drinks and no coloured drinks.
  • Forget ready made fruit juices, eat the real thing It's so much healthier
  • Use only sea or rock salt, throw away all other salts
  • Never use magarines or fake butters, they are like glue for your stomach. Use butter instead.
  • Eat simple easy to digest meals. Boiled, grilled, roasted or steamed meals are best.
  • Stay away from deep fried foods and complex fatty meals until you're healthier and feeling well again.
  • Google healthy foods for your condition. Look for as many ways as possible. We are all different so maybe what works for someone else may not work so well for you and viceversa.
  • Be your own Doctor !!!
  • Taking the responsibility for educating ourselves on good nutrition is also part of our healing. Let's think about that...
  • Be positive and keep hope. Plenty of people heal why wouldn't you? Commit and be strong. Remember, the best results come over time so slow down and simply be consistent.
  • A happy mind is a healthy mind and the reverse is equally true. Some food and drink actually causes depression in some people so be aware of what you're actually putting into your bodies.
  • Positive energy/thoughts promotes healing and happiness. Negative energy/thoughts promotes illness and depression.
  • Letting your body's power go into healing instead of digesting processed and heavy meals will reduce the stress on your body and allow you to rest and to heal faster.
  • Put yourself first for a change. Now is the time to be grateful for life but also to be single minded about looking after you !Especially Mum's who make colossal sacrifices for their families but often neglect their own health.
  • Think of '' me time'' !
  • Create time to 'go organic'. Turn off your mobile, TV, Computers even your Internet. Sit free from electrical stimulants. Do this even for 5+mins every day. You will be amazed at how this can effect you.
  • Try to reflect on your life, what is working well? what needs more attention? Be grateful for all the beauty in your life and work diligently to reduce and remove all unwanted aspects in your day to day living.
  • Be the lead actor in your Life film and refuse to be a simple walk on part anymore. Be a major part of your own healing. Starting today. Now.

Slow down. Smile. Breathe deep. Be Thankful

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