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 Lung and Respiratory conditions mainly effect the lung but can include the sinus, nose, mouth and throat.

The advice shown here is drawn from people who used particular Mercy Oil products during their periods of ill health  and recovery. The Plans have been revised and rewritten over the 30 years of experience to offer you a balanced and effective way of using organic plant extracts to accelerate your healing.

I do not make claims of curing you or of healing you. I am simply sharing with you what other people have fed back of what worked well for them and how they healed and restored their lost health and well being.

As always I promote the concept of 40 day cycles, or 6 weeks treatment plans. The Human body repairs itself better over a longer period of time and when using natural plant remedies it is wise to approach your healing  journey in this way. So if you have made up your mind to use a more traditional and natural way to heal then welcome...

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  • Emotions play an important role in our health. Never underestimate the power of your Self over your body
  • Learn overtime the difference between your mind and your heart. Each is vital to your health and both must be listened to 
  • Positive thoughts make positive outcomes
  • Make fresh intentions every morning to be mindful of your health especially your condition
  • It might sound strange at first but talk to your body. Remember your body is your servant and it shouldn't be the other way around
  • Education is key. So learn a bit more about both your inner body and your inner self. It won't take long for you to start seeing the connection between the two and the rest comes naturally...
  • Keep a secret diary and at the end of each day write down how you feel and what you did and what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reflect on this at the end of each week and you will start to notice patterns and triggers. Use that knowledge to better yourself. The results might amaze you
  • ultimately your Soul holds your body up it is not the other way around. So feed your Soul equally as you feed your body. In this way you will certainly find more balance and peace



  •  Address all of your addictions like sugar, smoking, alcohol and drugs
  • Exercise daily, this is so important. Your health is in your legs so walk every day. Even 40 minutes walking daily can boost your health. 
  • Meditate for at least 10 mins a day. At least. More if you can
  • If you don't know how to then take a class, watch a YouTube video or read a self help book. There are so many options these days. but do something.
  • If you don't want to do any of those then try this : Sit in a calm space. Close your eyes. Smile. Slow your breathing and count 1,2,3 as you breathe in. Count again as you hold your breath and count again as you breathe out. Repeat and try to increase the number from 3 then to 7 then to 11 etc.
  • Before you know it you will be calmer and feel happier. It's that simple
  • Try to find the right speed for your life. Some of us clearly need to pick up the pace but most of us are running too fast for too long and this damages us. 
  • Be careful that you don't burn yourself out. Once you do you will never fully recover. Ever. So take it easy
  • Be fully present in the moment in the simplest of things you do. 
  • watch yourself as you go about your day and try to do everything in the happiest way possible.
  • Choose Happiness. Don't kid yourself. Happiness was always a choice.
  • make good habits. We are creatures of habit so if you don't make good habits then you 'll be making bad ones. Stay mindful
  • Sleep. This is so important . Make sure you are in deep sleep from 11 pm to at least 3 am. Make this set in stone.  



 Try to eat well. Home cooked food is best. Remember, the emotions of the cook go into the food that we eat. Why does Mum's food taste so good because she loves us and so her love is in that food. We eat her love. Understanding this opens new doors. What happens then if you eat the food from an angry or unbalanced person? Be careful what you eat and drink

  • Read the label. This is my rule : if the word doesn't fall off my tongue then that food doesn't go on my tongue. In other words, if it contains chemicals then leave it.

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